1) event submission is still open until noon on Friday Oct 17, 2014. While you may not get any online preregistration for a last minute event, it will  have a printed sign up form for onsite pick up players.

2) Badge Preregistration closes at noon on Friday Oct 17, 2014. After this time you will need to register onsite. which opens at 9:00am.

3) Attending vendors!: Don;t forget to visit our attending vendors including Battle Bunker Games, Bowen Dragon, Garage Games, Impact! Miniatures and  Gryphon Print Studio.

4) We need your Feedback. Putting on an event like this is a tremendous undertaking and we know we made mistakes. Our goal for this year was to just make the event happen. Our plan is to grow into a multi day con and we can only do that with community support. So tell what you liked, what you didn’t like  and suggest things we could have done better. please send feedback to info@gameconsouthbend.com.

5) See you at the CON!!!

TCGplayer.com YGO MaxPoint Series Qualifier Event
Format: Advanced
Start Time: 11:00 am
Event Structure: Swiss with top 8
Entry Fee: 25.00

1st – 40 Boosters, Playmat + 20 Points
2nd – 20 Boosters, Playmat + 10 Points
3rd/4th – 10 Boosters, Playmat + 5 Points
5th – 8th – Playmat + 3 Points
9th -16th – 2 Points

This event is being run at Game Con South Bend, The Entry fee for this event includes entry into the convention.

logoconSmallGame Con South Bend is now accepting player registration and badge sales.

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We are also still accepting GM submissions, if you would like to run a game please submit it through the event manager.

If you have any issues with out signup process please email info@gameconsouthbend.com


Game Con South Bend makes its return on Oct 18th, 2014.logoconSmall

We have many events in the works for this year’s show including…

Magic:TG $1,000 cash prizes tournament. Plus qualify for the $50,000 TCGplayer championship in Indianapolis.

Warhammer 40k Tournament

Warmachine Tournament

Star Wars X-Wing Tournament

Board Gaming schedule to be announced.

Role Playing Game Schedule to be announced.

Artemis Space Ship simulator

More events to be announced.

GM game submissions accepted starting in September.

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Dealer Space is available, Contact info@gameconsouthbend.com

Star Wars X-Wing tournament.

Entry fee: $25.00 (includes admission to the con)

Standard 100 point builds
Swiss rounds based on attendance.

Start Time 10:00am first round begins.


The prize pool for this event is guaranteed regardless of attendance.

We expect to have prize table full of various ships for x-wing and items from many other games. These prizes will be a “pick” off the prize table at the specified retail value.

1st place: $150 worth of prize stuff.

2nd place: $100 worth of prize stuff.

3rd place: $60 worth of prize stuff.

4th place: $30 worth of prize stuff.

5th place: $30 worth of prize stuff.

6th place: $30 worth of prize stuff.

Format: TBA
Entry fee: $25.00 (includes admission to the con)
Start Time: TBA
REL: Competitive Decklists required.

This is one week before before the $50,000 championship in Indianapolis. Could be your last chance to qualify!

1st Place$400, Playmat + 50 Points + 2 author token cards
2nd Place$200, Playmat + 30 Points + 2 author token cards
3rd/4th Place$100, Playmat + 20 Points + 2 author token cards
5th-8th Place$50, Playmat + 10 Points + 2 author token cards
9th-16th PlacePlaymat + 5 Points + 2 author token cards